A gastronomical experience =)

Over the weekend (yes, the very recent one with the wild Sydney storms!!!) my husband and I, along with a couple of our very close friends braved the wet weather and went ahead with our dinner reservation at Gastro Park and my oh my was it a gastronomical adventure!

I can now see why it was awarded 2 Chefs Hats from the Sydney Morning Herald; there was nothing for us to fault from the experience. Their service was great, the waiters were friendly, the food were plated up very nicely and most importantly each course was absolutely delicious - very flavoursome and the different textures made each bite that much more exciting!

It was quite difficult deciding which was our favourite; but to name a few standout dishes (without repeating the entire 7 course menu haha), I would highly recommend the butternut gnocchi. It had liquid centres that would literally burst in your mouth and the outer shells (if I may even call it that!) would melt away almost immediately afterwards MmMmM. Another must try is their dessert - chocolate, honeycomb and vanilla sphere. If you crack the shell correctly, the vanilla would ooze out like lava! Unlike my classy self, after my first failed attempt at cracking it, I upped my tapping force (a little bit too much) and smashed the chocolate shell to pieces hahaha, nevertheless it was yummmmo!

So, if you're looking for a new fine dining experience check out Gastro Park and let me know what you guys think in the comments below! ;)

As a lover of food, travel and all things sweet; from time to time I will be blogging about my foodie adventures. So if you're into this kind of thang, please stay tuned for my future posts! :)

Food photography: Jennifer Lam Photography

Restaurant: Gastro Park