2016 - New Year's Day

[2016 - New Year’s Day]


I hope you're all having a brilliant start to 2016!

Now that the feast-ive season has gone by and we're two weeks into the new year, it's time that I get back on track with my daily (and weekly) routine. I’ve scheduled things a little differently from the way I had in previous years so I'm pretty excited to get started! In the coming weeks I'll be catching you all up on a number of things that I've been working on of late, so be sure to tune in guys and check out what’s been happening at Jennifer Lam Photography!

[New Year’s Day]

On New Year’s Day the family decided to head out to Palm Beach for a picnic and boy was it a mission to get  all our (four) cars parked! After two hours of crawling along the narrow and congested parking strip beside the main beach we finally had our cars parked (hooray!).

As soon as we settled into our picnic spot it was time for lunch mmMmMmM! 

Our food comas kicked in not too long afterwards so (naturally) we all spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around under the sun, as you do, and enjoyed the cool breeze that swept in.

Below are a few photos taken that day. What better way to kick start the new year than to be surrounded with lots and lots of family L.O.V.E