Hello + Welcome to our blog!

After many months of planning I am so excited for the official launch of our website! And to celebrate! Keep an eye out in the upcoming weeks for a very exciting announcement on the blog!

 [Thank you]

For my very first blog post I would like to dedicate it to all my thank you's. Thank you everyone for your overwhelming and continued support. I am so grateful for the many doors of opportunity that it has opened for me to do what I love most!

 [Special thanks]

Although there are countless people to thank, I would like to single out a few. If it weren't for these individuals I wouldn't have been able to bring this awesome project to life!

David - You have taught me to perfect my shots straight from the camera; encouraged me to take up new opportunities and have kept me up-to-date on what's latest in the photography world.

Flairy – You’d be surprised, but the questions you have asked me over time has really helped me to view things from so many different perspectives and has effectively helped me to further build on my ideas.

Lucky – For all those weekends that you have sacrificed to scout photo locations with me, I really appreciate your time and of course your fun-tastic company!

Shylli - Your honesty and continued support, has helped me to grow so much as a photographer. You made me believe that it was possible for me to pursue this as something more than just a fun hobby.

And finally to my husband Chann who has always believed in me and would do anything to help me transform this project into a reality. Thank you for your patience, your unconditional love and support throughout this entire journey!

[ ... finally!]

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to head over to my facebook and instagram to check out what I’ve been up to on my latest adventures!

 Much love,